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XStream SCORM Library

XStream SCORM Library (XSL) is a custom SharePoint Web Part that allows you to deploy, manage and track libraries of SCORM-compliant courses within any SharePoint site, without the need to manage a separate LMS. LEARN MORE


Our team of SharePoint architects and developers can deliver a tailored solution that meets your requirements, without breaking your budget.


sofTV.Presenter is a tool for creating and streaming Live and On-Demand media presentations, which can include synchronized content slides of all types, such as PowerPoint slides, images, PDFs, and webpages. LEARN MORE


Threadline is a SharePoint-based collaboration solution. It allows emails to be automatically captured and organized into logical discussion threads, which are accessed and managed within SharePoint team sites. LEARN MORE

XStream SharePoint
​Term Parent Auto Selection

Enables the auto selection of parent terms for a selected term value in a managed metadata column (allowing for multiple values). LEARN MORE

XStream SharePoint Ribbonizer

Allows an administrator to easily disable and/or hide buttons on the ribbon panel of any SharePoint site. LEARN MORE

XStream SharePoint Document Auto Title

​Improves productivity by automating the filling in of the "Title" column for newly uploaded documents in SharePoint. LEARN MORE

XStream SharePoint
​Auto Content Type Publishing

​Allows an administrator to quickly and easily publish new and updated Content Types to subscribed SharePoint sites at the click of a button. LEARN MORE

Additional SharePoint Web Parts