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sofTV.Presenter is a highly advanced streaming media authoring tool. It enables developers to capture, synchronize, and publish Live and On-Demand streaming video/audio presentations. These powerful presentations can incorporate all types of content slides (including Microsoft PowerPoint slides, Flash animations, images, Adobe PDF documents, URL links, and links to any other type of file or document) that change in synchronization with the video or audio content.

Using sofTV.Presenter, a user can record a video or audio presentation, encode it, and then synchronize it with a set of imported content slides. The user may also import a previously encoded streaming media file and synchronize it with a set of content slides to create a synchronized multimedia presentation.

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One of the most powerful and unique capabilities of sofTV.Presenter is its support for Live presentations (in addition to On-Demand presentations). The sofTV.Presenter technology enables users to broadcast and control a Live presentation that is streamed to viewers in real time as it is recorded. The recorded presentation can be easily archived, complete with synchronized slides, so that viewers can also access it later as an On-Demand presentation. 

sofTV.Presenter is the ideal tool for creating and deploying web-based corporate presentations, seminars, training, lectures, online learning, product demos, etc.

​​Just import your desired content matter, choose a built-in template, and select your video stream source - it's that easy!

​​Broadcast and control a live presentation, and easily archive it so viewers can watch it later as an on-demand presentation

​​Works with Windows Media, Flash Media, and MPEG-4 formats

​Create and publish iOS-compatible presentations, which can be streamed from Wowza Streaming Engine and viewed on Apple iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air devices.

​Intuitive presentation authoring wizard guides you step by step through the process of creating a live or on-demand presentation

​​Includes a built-in library of customizable presentation templates (in HTML, HTML5, DHTML, and Flash formats)

​​Incorporate PowerPoint presentation properties, build steps, and animations in your published presentation

​​Any slide can be a URL (the URL's web content will be displayed in the slide window during presentation playback)