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Threadline is SharePoint collaboration for people who live in email. It is the email-friendly, web-based collaboration tool that lets team members communicate normally via their email, while automatically filing and threading all messages into centrally available SharePoint team sites.

Threadline gives users the option to continue using email as their primary tool for electronic communication, while in the background auto-filing all conversations as organized discussion threads in SharePoint team sites. Whenever email users want to see the context of a particular email in their inbox, a link at the bottom of the email serves up the entire thread on a single page within their SharePoint team site. Team members see all project conversations together in shared folders that they can access from within the team's SharePoint site.

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of a Threadline Email Forum in SharePoint

By organizing email into conversation threads, and making these threads available within Microsoft SharePoint, Threadline provides email forums. Viewed from within SharePoint, these email forums appear as discussion boards that users can engage via email. SharePoint users enjoy all the benefits of collaboration while retaining the option to communicate via email when necessary or more convenient.

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Any Threadline user can start a new thread via SharePoint. Any recipient of that thread can reply to it via SharePoint or any email application.

Regardless of the method used to start the thread or reply to it, Threadline automatically captures the initial message and all the subsequent replies that relate to that initial message. These captured messages/replies are centrally organized into a logical discussion thread on a SharePoint webpage, making it easy to see who said what to whom and when.

Threadline creates a discussion board for every thread. This way users get all the benefits of collaboration when they need it without forcing them to change the way they work.

With Threadline, email travels back and forth exactly as before, except that when you need to understand the bigger picture, or it makes more sense to work within a collaborative workspace, the thread's discussion board is just a click away from any email in the thread

With Threadline, all team email appears as threaded discussion pages in folders that you can manage from within the team's SharePoint site. Team leaders can see at a glance which threads are active and monitor all email traffic from within their project site. They can even program the site to send them a single daily email containing the contents of all new messages filed to that project during the past 24 hours