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xstream scorm library

XStream SCORM Library (XSL), an affordable e-learning delivery and tracking solution for the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, allows you to deploy and track SCORM-compliant e-learning content within your existing SharePoint environment - you don't need to purchase or install a separate Learning Management System (LMS).

​As a SharePoint Web Part, XSL enables a SharePoint Site Owner to store and manage SCORM-compliant courses in SharePoint document libraries. Within these libraries, courses can be uploaded and made available to authorized site members (either for a purchase fee or at no cost). Courses can also be manually assigned to individual users. Each user has access to a personal content repository containing all purchased/assigned courses.

XSL also includes comprehensive analytics/reporting functionality, enabling administrators to track and analyze the learning progress of each course participant.


Authorized users can access course libraries and select/purchase courses at their own discretion. Alternatively, courses can be assigned to users by a Site Owner.

Learner-Centric and Instructor-Led (Assigned) Workflows

Site Owner can specify a purchase fee for any course, requiring users to buy the course (via online PayPal transaction) before they can access it.

E-commerce Support

Built-in Reporting and Analysis Capability

Enables tracking of learning progress and other user metrics. Site Owners can generate site-level statistical reports, while individual users can generate personal status reports.

Site Owner can define prerequisites for any course. This allows the administrator to specify preconditions that each user must satisfy in order to access the course (e.g, to access Course B, a user must first complete Course A and pass Exam A).

Define Prerequisites for Courses

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ALSO AVAILABLE: Event Scheduling and Registration with XStream ILT

XSL can be optionally bundled with the XStream Instructor Led Training (ILT) module, which supports event scheduling and registration. With XStream ILT, a Site Owner can create, schedule and customize events such as instructor-led training sessions, classrooms, meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. The Site Owner may assign users as attendees of scheduled events, and users may also be allowed to self-register for scheduled events.

SharePoint Foundation 2010, 2013 
​SharePoint Server 2010, 2013

  • Operating System: Windows 2008 Server
  • ​SharePoint Server:
        SharePoint Foundation 2010, 2013
        SharePoint Server 2010, 2013

  • ​Other Server Software: SQL Server 2005 or 2008

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