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xstream sharepoint term parent auto selection

The XStream SharePoint Term Parent Auto Selection web part enables the automatic selection of all the parent terms of a selected term value within a managed metadata column (that allows for multiple values).

​To facilitate the classification of information, SharePoint allows administrators to define and manage taxonomies (i.e., structured hierarchical metadata consisting of words, labels or terms). When selecting taxonomy terms to add to the properties of a document or list item, a user will typically want to select multiple terms from a managed term set (which is organized in a parent-child hierarchical structure). Unfortunately, SharePoint forces the user to manually select and save each term one at a time - a process that is very inefficient and time consuming.

​However, if the XStream SharePoint Term Parent Auto Selection product is utilized, a large part of the term selection process is automated. When a user selects a term from a managed term set, all of the parent terms for that term are selected automatically, making the process much quicker.


By automatically selecting all the parent terms of a term value selected from a managed metadata column, the XStream SharePoint Term Parent Auto Selection product ensures deep and complete classification of all taxonomy terms linked through a parent/child node relationship. This benefits SharePoint users by allowing them to see all the tags that should naturally be associated with managed metadata columns.

Deep and Complete Classification

Improved Accuracy in Search Results

For SharePoint users who initiate keyword searches or searches against a specific SharePoint property, it is crucial that  documents and list items are tagged with deep and complete taxonomy values in order to facilitate effective searching. Because the XStream SharePoint Term Parent Auto Selection product provides this type of deep classification, it ensures more accurate results when SharePoint users initiate searches for any taxonomy terms that may reside along the parent/child hierarchical taxonomy path.

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Improved User Productivity

The XStream SharePoint Term Parent Auto Selection product relieves SharePoint users of the burden of manually selecting and saving parent/child taxonomy terms one at a time. Since all the parent terms of a selected term value are selected automatically, SharePoint users are able to tag more documents/items in less time, greatly improving their overall productivity and reducing the potential for error.

SharePoint Foundation 2010, 2013 
​SharePoint Server 2010, 2013

  • Operating System: Windows 2008 Server
  • ​SharePoint Server:
        SharePoint Foundation 2010, 2013
        SharePoint Server 2010, 2013

  • ​Other Server Software: SQL Server 2005 or 2008
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